Terrebonne Parish’s goal is to leverage assets in key industries to grow existing industries while diversifying our overall economy.  These sectors were specifically chosen to accomplish these goals in areas where the business case is incredibly strong.   

Energy and Marine Production & Support Services - Terrebonne Parish is well known for our role in the energy economy.  The area is a key to all energy activity in the Gulf of Mexico.  In addition to the workforce and service business for offshore drilling activities in the Gulf, the area is also a major player in the national energy economy through our capacity in manufacturing large-scale, energy related products, including platforms, rigs, shipbuilding, pumps, valves, and numerous other areas.  

The legacy in the energy economy is long established.  The local government is favorable to these activities and businesses will find a skilled workforce that is second to none.  Additionally, there are several assets that make doing business in Terrebonne Parish an easy choice, including the Port of Terrebonne and the Houma-Terrebonne Airport.

Food Manufacturing & Related Sectors — Louisiana seafood is well-known throughout the country and Terrebonne Parish serves as the hub for this sector.  Additionally, the Parish has a long legacy agricluture, most predominately in sugar cane.  

Despite this long history, there are still significant opportunities for value-added manufacturing and processing.  With a large knowledge base and higher education alignment, businesses will find a strong case for  food production in Terrebonne Parish.   

Health Services — Several local shipbuilding companies take advantage of Terrebonne Parish's need for boats to service the offshore petroleum industry.  Many of them also thrive on the building of government-contracted military ships. 


Marine Services — The marine-services industry thrives primarily on providing marine-transportation services: tug boat companies that transport barges stocked with goods, as well as crew and supply-boat companies that transport personnel and supplies for oil-and-gas companies.