Health Services

The health services target group already forms one of the pillars of Terrebonne Parish’s economy. As of 2016, the Health Care & Social Assistance sector employs 6,800 people in Terrebonne, trailing only Manufacturing as the largest sector in the Parish. Health Care is also one of the Parish’s fastest growing sectors, having added more than 1,100 jobs over the past five years.

About one-quarter of the Parish’s jobs in this sector are associated directly with Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC)—most jobs in this target are comprised by private practices and service providers for the elderly and those with special needs. TGMC serves the 114,000 residents of Terrebonne Parish, as well as those visiting or working in the area. The hospital has expanded to meet the needs of the Parish’s growing and aging population.

In spite of the major presence and growth prospects of this cluster, the local Health Care industry is mainly limited by its orientation to providing retail health care services to the local resident market, as opposed to regional destination services. An exception to this is TGMC’s Diabetes Management Center and cardiovascular care resources, which have emerged as a leading destination for the prevention and treatment of diabetes and obesity. These resources provide further growth opportunities for the health services target.

Another component of this target is specific to the region’s aging population: the care and housing of the elderly. This target includes nursing care facilities, continuing care retirement communities, and assisted living facilities. This is becoming a critical issue in Terrebonne Parish, as its age 65+ population increased by more than 15 percent between 2005 and 2014, and is set to expand further in the coming years as Baby Boomers continue to age.


  • Presence of Terrebonne General Medical Center as a community hospital
  • Diabetes Management Center and cardiovascular treatment programs at TGMC
  • Availability of skilled medical workers
  • Availability of post-secondary training programs at multiple levels for health care professionals
  • Proximity to medical schools at Tulane and LSU
  • Availability of on-the-job training assistance
  • Recent and expected population growth
  • Strong growth in age 65+ population
  • Opportunity to retain resident workers within the region
  • Strong growth in regional Health Care sector
  • Strong growth in regional Healthcare Practitioners & Technical occupational group
  • Average target subsector national earnings of $61,794
  • Average target subsector 10-year past employment growth rate: 28.8%
  • Average target subsector 10-year forecast employment growth rate: 24.3%
  • An existing local pool of high-demand occupations
  • Quality of place assets: availability of all types of housing, low cost of living, cultural activity, recreational opportunities