Port of Terrebonne


The Port of Terrebonne is a 680 acre site operated by the Terrebonne Port Commission.  The Port is strategically located near the intersection of the Houma Navigational Canal and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.  This location gives businesses a strategic position to take advantage of strategic cargo flows and marine traffic on both waterways.

Strategic Advantages

The Port of Terrebonne has jurisdiction for all of Terrebonne Parish, giving the Port the authority over all navigable waterways in the parish.  The Port of Terrebonne owns significant land near the Houma Navigation Canal, which is a 18-mile direct route from Houma to the Gulf of Mexico dredged to -15’.

Upon completion of the levee, gate, and lock system in 2018, the Port of Terrebonne will offer one of the only safe harbor ports with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico.  

Financial Advantages

Locating at the Port of Terrebonne offers advantages beyond a strategic location.  As a tax exempt body, there are many ways to leverage your capital investment, including:

  • Tax Exempt Status.  Properties owned by the port are not subject to property taxes.
  • Build - to - Suit.  In some circumstances, the Port can construct a custom facility and lease it back to your company.  This structure can reduce the financing cost and tax burden of the facility for many years.
  • Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ).  FTZs can be very valuable for companies who are importing/exporting goods.  The benefits include deferred, reduced, or eliminated duties, more streamlined management and tracking, weekly entry savings, and many more.  


Houma Navigational Canal - 12’ depth - North / South - Houma to Gulf of Mexico

Gulf Intracoastal Waterway - 12’ depth - East / West - Mexican Border to Florida Panhandle

I-49 (via US Hwy 90) - North / South - Kansas City to Houma

I-10 (via US Hwy 90) - East / West - Jacksonville, FL to Santa Monica, CA