Highway Infrastructure

Terrebonne Parish's main artery is US Hwy 90 (US 90), a 4-lane divided highway that connects to Interstate 10 (I-10) in both Lafayette and New Orleans, along with connecting to Interstate 310 (I-310) in Luling, LA.  US 90 has been designated the Future I-49, which will connect from Kansas City to New Orleans, via Lafayette and Houma.  

The I-10 corridor is one of the most commercially utilized east/west stretches in the US, connecting Santa Monica, CA with Jacksonville, FL.  

For north/south connections, Interstate 55 (I-55), which intersects with I-10 between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, offers access as far north as the Great Lakes.  Additionally, I-59 intersects with I-10 and I-12 just north of New Orleans, in Slidell, LA, and carries you Northeast as far as Chattanooga, TN.